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Coating Processes for Mechanical Parts in North America

HVAF Projection

All types of processes can use metal coatings, depending on what mechanical properties you want for your parts. However, HVAF projection allows the densest coatings on the market, exceeding conventional HVOF systems. The HVAF system is one of the most modern, creating coatings possessing exceptional properties.

Wide Range of Carbide and Metal Coatings

These coatings are used to rebuild worn parts. It is also possible to rebuild a part using a metal coating, then apply a carbide finish.

Metallization by Metallurgical Links

Through this process, we have the ability to create more flexible metallic coatings that can withstand wide temperature variations while maintaining excellent properties against corrosion and abrasion.

Other processes

Pyro Spray

Plasma system

Electrical arc system (Arc Spray)

Flame pistol system (Flame Spray)

Pyro Spray provides the following coating materials:


Pyro Spray

Stainless steel



Brass and bronze

Hard metals



Pyro Spray

Tungsten carbide coatings

Chromium carbide coatings and other (chromium carbide is a good alternative; more durable and less polluting than chrome plating)



Pyro Spray

Alumina oxide

Zirconium oxide

Pyro Spray

Chromium oxide

Titan oxide and other

Other Coatings

Pyro Spray


The processes we offer can solve all kinds of wear:

Pyro Spray




Pyro Spray



Insulation or electrical conductivity and other

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